An Elevated Wellness Experience Awaits with Sommerhuber

Elevated Wellness Awaits with Sommerhuber If you already have a TylöHelo sauna or steam room at home – or you’ve installed steam facilities at your hotel or spa – you’ll already know that the time-honoured Nordic tradition of sauna is beautifully serene. Sauna relaxes both the mind and body, transporting you to a tranquil dream […]

Looking to the Future: A Floating Sauna

Looking to the Future: A Floating Sauna. If you’ve been following the latest sauna news, then you’ll already know that one of the Nordic recommendations today is to finish off a good home sauna session with some refreshing cold therapy. Imagine hopping straight from the toasty sauna into a cold bath or shower, or even […]

What is a Sauna Experience?

What is a Sauna Experience? Saunas in Melbourne are becoming increasingly popular. Especially as we’re spending more time at home during the pandemic, and really starting to learn more about the beauty of at-home relaxation, wellness and self-care. So now, as more and more people are installing a home sauna in Melbourne, we thought it […]