SERVICE: Sauna Room: Sauna Heater Equipment (Service/Breakdown) Tylo Helo Melbourne




We recommend the following service regime for Steam Generators:

  • Residential Sauna Heaters (1 year)
  • Commercial (6 monthly).

Note, we only service Tylo & Helo Equipment. 

How it Works:

One of our specialist electricians will attend your metro site, and service your Steam Generator and associated equipment.

The call-out is pre-paid and includes:

  • travel time within 25 km of our Ringwood office.
  • up to 90 minutes on site, within business hours Mon-Friday.
  • Any additional parts, labour and travel time ($100/hour invoiced in 15 minute increments)  ( will be invoiced separately, payable within 5 business days of call out. )
  • If you require a major equipment upgrade, we will prepare a quote prior to proceeding.

The lead time between payment is typically 2-3 weeks, we’ll try to expedite service asap.

Please proceed to check out to progress your booking

Prior to purchasing a service,  and prior to scheduling:

  • email us  your address,
  • the make and model of the your equipment,
  • including any photos, and copy of your production plate (on the bottom right hand side),
  • provide notes about the service issue, so we can discuss this with you when we schedule the service.

Note, in the event payment is made and after reviewing the production plate etc. awe do not think that a service is appropriate and/or required, we will call to discuss and refund your payment within 5 business days.

If you are running a commercial facility, you may wish to enter into a service agreement with us, which entitles you to some discounts.

Note, we only service Tylo & Helo Equipment. 

If you are located interstate or in New Zealand, please contact your local Tylo Helo  distributor for details about service, spare parts and/or warranty claims. Please use this contact form .