TyloHelo Fragrance concentrate 10ml (4pk)


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Peppermint oil
Fresh, minty and powerful scent that subdues into a gentle sweetness. Known to relieve mental fatigue, muscle aches, stiffness and back pain. It can also enhance alertness and memory.

Citrus oil
Light and fresh lemon scent that reduces stress and can help pick your moods up. It is known to boost your immune system against colds, flues and other viruses.

Eucalyptus oil 
Fresh scent with a hint of wood notes. Often used to open up the sinuses and bronchial passages and may help relieve headaches and mental fatigue. An excellent remedy against colds and runny noses.

Lavender oil
The soft, sweet and flowery notes work in unison to form a relaxing and invigorating scent that can help battling insomnia, nervousness and anxiety.

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