Spa Ceramic Lounges

Enhance your Sauna Experience with Spa Ceramics

Saunas are the most luxurious way to relax and boost your health and wellbeing. Now, Sauna and Steam are adding a further dimension to your sauna or steam room experience with our range of Heated Steam Room Benches and SPA Ceramic Lounges.


Introducing Sommerhuber Spa Ceramics

Sauna and Steam are proud to introduce Austria-based Sommerhuber, who have been manufacturing ceramics since 1491. The brand’s exclusive Spa Ceramics collection utilises gentle ceramic radiant heat to create velvety smooth, beautifully comforting solutions for steam rooms.

We believe that combining Sommerhuber’s unrivalled expertise with the experience of the world’s leading sauna brand, TylöHelo, is the best way to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your sauna or steam room.


The benefits of ceramic heat

Ceramic is a strong, sturdy material that conducts heat, instantly emitting a natural warmth that can help to relax the body, soothe sore or tired muscles, and create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere.

The addition of ceramic heated lounges and heated benches in a steam room can help to maximise the tranquillity, healing, and serenity of the experience, elevating the health and wellbeing effects of sauna.


Spa lounges and steam room benches

Spa Ceramics’ heated lounges and wet room benches are perfectly compatible with TylöHelo installations, making it easy to take your sauna or steam room experience to the next level.

Fitted wet room benches offer a highly flexible seating option, enabling users to comfortably lie down or sit upright during their spa session. The expansive glazed ceramic surface transfers natural heat effortlessly, generating a gentle warming feeling that helps you to melt into a state of total relaxation.

Freestanding ergonomically-shaped heated pool lounges are the perfect alternative to fitted benches. Available in single or double units, these sauna loungers feature a variable thermostat to help maintain an ideal surface temperature of 34 degrees, for an optimally comfortable feeling against the skin.


Maximise your Sauna Experience

Interested in maximising the spa experience? Schedule an appointment at Sauna and Steam’s showroom to see and feel the Sommerhuber Spa Ceramics. The showroom’s sauna facility highlights the beauty and luxury of the Spa Ceramics heated sauna bench and lounge range.

To find out about our free, no-obligation quote or for more information about our Heated Steam Room Benches and SPA Ceramic Lounges, give us a call on 03 9874 8826 or send an email.

Photo: Sommerhuber