Helo Vienna 80 STS Sauna Heater – Black


Easy to install sauna heater, wall mounted and comes in fresh exciting grey colour. Suitable for rooms 3 to 12 m3. Stones sold separately.


The new Helo Vienna is designed for modern home sauna. The Vienna heater range is suitable for sauna rooms measuring 3 to 12 m3. Easy to install and pleasant to use, wall mounted so to never take up extra space.The easy to use controls are located on the side panel, either on the left or on the right as per your preference.

The heater includes a built in thermostat and a timer with 9 hours pre-heating time and up to 3 hours of running time.

Stones sold separately

All electrical must be carried by Registered Electrical Contractor and must  follow the Manufacturer’s Installation Manual

Please contact us on 03 9874 8826 for additional and technical information.

Helo Vienna – 2020

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions50 × 35 × 70 cm

8 kW, 32 Amp, Single Phase


20 Kgs, Sold separately.

Room value range in m3



Integrated, Built in


1 Year