Mira – Model L (Black Cladding)


Bespoke Sauna Room from Auroom. 

Specification: Mira Product Sheet

Mira features an attractively painted & impregnated base frame along with thermo-aspen interior cladding & a large front clear glass.


Little wonder

Sometimes simpler is better, and Mira’s minimal, space-saving design has everything you need for a calming, enjoyable outdoor sauna without over complicating things.

Mira can be installed on terraces, balconies and smaller gardens, with the small, lightweight components enabling easy hoist-free assembly. The S and L size options, which can accommodate up to two and four users respectively, allow you to make the most of the available space in your outdoor area. There are also two colors available for the exterior cladding,
with a stunning natural look and a sleek black finish to choose

Despite its carefully considered, practical design, this minimalist outdoor sauna doesn’t compromise on style or comfort, with
attractive LED lighting behind the backrest and a high-quality wood finish inside and out.

Additional information

Dimensions222 × 219 × 246 cm